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Showa Kinen Park
Winter Vista Illumination

Annual Champagne Glass Tower
A must-see

Showa Kinen Park Winter Vista Illumination

Showa Kinen Park is blanketed with soft, beautiful lights during the Christmas period. Neighboring residents look forward to finding out the theme of illumination, which changes every year. “Champagne Tower” is becoming a familiar piece and one of the must-see illuminations here, composed of 15,000 champagne glasses. The illumination on the surrounding trees is reflected on the glass, creating a dreamy atmosphere.


Tachikawa Station North Exit
Tachikawa Sansan lllumination

Fantastic lights illuminate the pedestrian deck of sansan Road.

Tachikawa Station North Exit Tachikawa Sansan Illumination

This is one of the “Tachikawa Triangle” illuminations. The deck by the North Exit is lit up with around 100,000 LED light bulbs, and Sansan Road is vibrantly illuminated especially around the 8-meter-tall fir tree. The path from the North Exit to the fir tree becomes a street of light, creating an ambiance for Christmas.

After enjoying the illuminations at Tachikawa Station North Exit –enjoy a winter delicacy with a cup of sake

Have a delicious evening
At a hidden restaurant

Chez Tasseke

Chez Tasseke is a long-established French restaurant. Enjoy the salmon confit – prepared with a special technique which retains the appearance and texture of raw salmon – served with special yuzu sauce and sprinkles of balsamic vinegar and parsley oil. For wine, we recommend Warwick First Lady dry rosé, whose fresh and fruity flavor pairs nicely with the salmon. 702 yen for a glass (tax included), 3,780 yen for a bottle (tax included).

Salmon confit with marinated mushrooms
Roasted beets with winter flavors (course appetizer)

Tessa – Fugu sashimi (prices vary)

Relax in a private room
High-end shabu-shabu restaurant

Shabu-Shabu Kan Tachikawa

This is THE shabu-shabu restaurant to go to in Tachikawa. All the rooms are private, so you can enjoy a delicious meal without having to worry about your surroundings. Make sure to admire the near-transparent slices with your eyes before enjoying the taste of this sure is luxurious and delicate white meat. To bring out the flavor of fresh Fugu, pair it with a full-bodied sake. It is a perfect pairing for a special day during the year-end and new year season. Sake “No. 6 X-type” 1,260 yen (tax included).

Tachikawa Station South Exit
Tachikawa Keyaki lllumination

Tachikawa’s streets are adorned with beautiful shimmering lights

Tachikawa Station South Exit Tachikawa Keyaki Illumination

Beautiful lights illuminate the elevator at the South Exit of Tachikawa Station, the taxi stand and around the monorail; the keyaki (zelkova) tree is also lit up. This makes walking around the Tachikawa Station South Exit after work or on your way to shopping truly extraordinary.
Photo by Arai Shashinkan

After enjoying the illuminations at Tachikawa Station South Exit –enjoy a winter delicacy with a cup of sake

Friendly French bistro
With an amazing chef

Bistro Saito

The simmered beef cheeks, cooked for 4 to 5 hours and baked in the pot in the oven, is a perfect dish for cold winter evenings. The sauce is enhanced by incorporating fragrant vegetables such as onions and celery, which bring out the aroma and sweetness . A round, medium-bodied wine goes perfectly with this rich-flavored dish. Chateau Haut-Mouleyre Classic Bordeaux 2010, 5,500 yen for a bottle (tax included).

Stewed Beef Cheek 2,000 yen (tax included).

Assorted hams and salami 1,550 yen (tax included)

An Italian restaurant loved by female clients
for their great service and ingredients

MOTHERS Tachikawa Minamiguchi

With an open-plan setting, this restaurant is perfect for any private occasions, as well as gatherings such as year-end celebrations and Christmas parties. They also serve outstanding course dishes. A must-try is the cured ham, sliced extremely thin to bring out its fantastic flavors. They pair the dish with wines newly recommend each month.

Let’s take home
Christmas specials of Tachikawa

The one-of-a-kind Christmas cake
made with the patissier’s outstanding skills

Emilie Floge

Emilie Floge’s Christmas cakes are well-reputed for their sophisticated taste. There are items limited to online reservations, for which you can choose the flavor and size.

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Noel Fraise
A22cm for approx. 8 people 3,720 yen / B11cm for approx. 4 people 2,350 yen (excluding tax)
This strawberry mousse Christmas cake is made with puréed strawberries, and filled with pistachio cream and strawberry jelly. The cute decoration adds to its charm. Limited to 80 cakes.

12cm×16cm for approx 7 to 8 people, 3,250 yen (excluding tax)
Layers of mocha and chocolate creams are sandwiched by almond cake, and flavored with coffee syrup. Enjoy a traditional French dessert. Limited to 80 cakes.

12cm for approx 4 people, 2,650 yen / 15cm for approx 6 people, 3,550 yen
18cm for approx 8 people 4,600 yen / 21cm for approx 10 people, 5,560 yen (excluding tax)
The No. 1 cake with cream that is lightly sweetened. This fluffy almond sponge cake is layered with modestly-sweetened crème patisserie and fresh strawberries. This is a classic Christmas cake that is reminiscent of pure white snow.

Limited-quantity chicken that continues to attract fans
With its original flavors

Seehof Bakery

They use only specific chickens which are carefully raised in Iwate prefecture, which are seasoned only with salt and pepper to bring out their flavor, and baked in a special oven. ※ Please contact us as soon as possible as they can be sold out by reservation.

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One chicken thigh with bone 630 yen (tax included)

Great value sparkling wine
To accompany your Christmas dinner


Espoa Ogino imports wines and other alcoholic beverages locally so they can meet the producers face-to-face. The owner has a sommelier certificate and is happy to help you choose the drinks for any occasion, from daily consumption to grand parties.

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Sparkling wine that pairs nicely with cakes

St.Antonius Weinkellerei Biroth Cabinet Sekt, 1,944 yen (tax included)This German sparkling wine has a fruity aroma and mild aeration with a hint of sweetness, and is well-liked. The royal blue bottle and the great pricing makes it a popular choice.
Sparkling wine that pairs nicely with chicken

L’Arjolle Vin Mousseux Blanc de Blancs, 3,780 yen (tax included)This sparkling wine is made in the Languedoc region on the Mediterranean side of southern France, using the secondary fermentation method in the bottle just like champagne. Its fine bubbles and crisp taste, made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, perfectly matches roasted chicken that’s seasoned only with salt and pepper.

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