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Whether it’s a familiar landscape or a spot you happen to walk by, there is always a different Tachikawa through the lenses.
Let’s go and find photogenic spots in Tachikawa.

A big basket.

A very big basket.
It makes me want one just like it.
For now, let me just take a break under it.
# tarattatachikawa  # FaretTachikawaArt
# “LastShopping”  # “TangDaWupiece”

White beach.

I feel like I’m on a real beach.
But you can’t swim here!
# tarattatachikawa  # Tahitibeach  # Sparkling
# Makesmewannaswim  # ucanbbqtoo

Demons out!

Grrrr! So powerful.
I feel like he’s going to eat me!
# OniKoen  # itsaslide
# ucangoinsideitsmouth

Taratta Tachikawa
Picturesque spots
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On the way to shopping, dining and work,
Tachikawa shows different faces.
Because there are so many great moments to be captured with a camera,
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