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What is pottering?

Explore as you like!
Let’s explore the city on a bike.

Pottering refers to relaxed cycling, similar to taking a walk. Just as the word “potter” indicates, it means something leisurely, rather than sports cycling that emphasizes long distance or speed. A bicycle can be more than just a mode of transportation – hop on one and enjoy the outdoors? Explore at your leisure, and you’ll discover charming new spots outside of your daily routine.

Tokyo Ventos / Mr. Yasuhiro Nito

Mr. Nito is the team manager at “Tokyo Ventos”, a professional road cycling race team based in the Tama area. “Tachikawa is the central city of the Tama area, and is also a city where a lot of cycling races take place. For city cyclists, Tachikawa is also an entrance to the field,” says Mr. Nito. He is promoting a healthier lifestyle with sports cycling in the Tama area, a city blessed with both natural and urban charms, and aims to make his team something locals can be proud of. In addition, at their office/shop in Tachikawa Sozosha by the Tama River, they provide cyclists a space to rest and exchange information. They also host “Tachi Potter”, an event to help others explore Tachikawa on a bike. Bike rental is also available.

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