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with books

Reintsurī no Kuni,
Hiroshi Arikawa,
published by KADOKAWA

Sharing your favorite books with some of your friends at your secret cherished place

Fairy Game, a real page-turner novel for Nobuyuki, dragged him and kept him hooked in his middle school age. Some years later, one day he found Hiromi’s opinion of the book on her blog. He responded to her and started exchanging emails before long. After exchanging a few emails Nobuyuki wished to meet Hitomi, but she hesitated to do so because…….Reintsurī no Kuni is a love story of a young couple who are destined to meet each other with an unforgettable book.

Tachikawa streets on the screen

Streets of Tachikawa are seen in a movie titled Reintsurī no Kuni. The story, filmed in 2015, is based on the book, Reintsurī no Kuni. In the movie you see Nobuyuki (Yuta Tamamori) and Hitomi (Maria Nishiuchi) walking on San-San Road in the rain.

Yamasu kura cafe

Yamasu Kura Café

Free from occupied everyday life

Far away from outside noise and bustle, you can spend a peaceful and quiet time in the café with antique wooden furniture and classical interior. This is the best place to sit comfortably and enjoy reading your favorite stories.

1. Caramel latte, 420yen (tax included); Vanilla chiffon cake, 400yen (tax included)
2. Cheese cake, 400yen (tax included)
3. The space, being hidden amongst a residential district, had originally been Kura (an old Japanese warehouse), before having been renovated into a café, which is filled with the owner’s sense of beauty and esthetics

● Quiche with salad, bread, soup and café980yen

● Pita bread880yen

● Croque-monsiur880yen

● Mont blanc aux marrons420yen

*Tax included in all prices

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Ichiroku coffee ten

Ichiroku Cafe

Authentic, classic, and truly gorgeous

You can enjoy peaceful moments in a calm and supreme atmosphere filled with sweet coffee aroma. The coffee shop serves a variety of home-made cheese cakes with a cup of coffee that the owner brews with professional dexterity. Its rich flavor and deep taste should be an invaluable reward for you.

1. Ichiroku blended coffee, 630 yen (tax included)
Cream cheese cake, 540 yen (tax included)
2. Framboise cake, 640 yen (tax included)
3. You can taste a variety of homemade sweets with a cup of special home-roasted coffee.

● Coffee and cake1,220yen or more
*The price is subject to your choice.

● Crapes756yen

● Homemade pasta1,890yen
(Lunch meal from 11:00 to 13:30 includes drink)

*All menu includes tax.

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Charcoal roasted coffee Sakurano in Tachikawa

You can taste a cup of authentic coffee and a piece of Japanese-style western sweets in the sophisticated atmosphere with modern-Japanese interior

Within the sun light coming from grass-windows, the small coffee shop with only counter seats provides a chic and modern atmosphere. The place is best when you want to spend the time of yourself. Enjoy a cup of authentic charcoal roasted coffee with a piece of Japanese-style western sweets.

1. Iced coffee served with Masu (a Japanese-style sake cup), will give you a sense of coolness,645 yen (tax included)
2. Brown sugar cake and today’s special with drink, 1,020 yen (tax included)
3. The shop’s comfortable interior, mixing style of western and Japanese culture, and barrier-free design gives a sense of maturity. You can choose your favorite cup of coffee among the preparations.

● Coffee645yen or more

● Set of cake with drink1,020yen

● Set of Maccha green tea1,020yen

● Set of original pork hot dog with a small dessert 1,080yen

● Set of bread toast with a small dessert 860yen

*All menu includes tax

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Ichifuku Roasted Coffee Beans

A blissful moment with a cup of coffee during your walk

The owner carefully roasts high quality green coffee beans everyday using an oven-type coffee roasting machine. Many guests visit the shop to enjoy a cup of hand-picked blissful taste with mellow richness and aroma. You may drop in for refreshing yourself on your break time or a walk.

1. Ichifuku blended coffee, 410 yen (tax included); Cheese cake, 300 yen (tax included)
2. You can buy a variety of original blended coffee such as Keyaki and Wakaba, which are named after its place, as well as more than thirty kinds of single origin coffee beans (550 yen or more/100g).
3. The very small-sized coffee bean shop is located in Wakaba-cho. You can also take some advice from the owner about your choice of coffee beans.

● Keyaki blended coffee (medium dark roast) 410yen

● Wakaba blended coffee (medium dark roast)410yen

● Colombia decafe JAS (less caffeine)470yen

● Café au lait (deep roast IIchifuku blend)500yen

● Natural apple juice form Nagano400yen

*All the price include tax

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Roasted Coffee Shop Mamekichi

Soothing moment with rich coffee aroma at the shop surrounded by greenery

This is a small café on the side of promenade covered with lots of trees and shrubs standing along Tamagawa-josui Headrace. There you can taste the aroma, acidity, body and flavor of a cup of gourmet coffee, the bean of which is roasted by a precious hot-air roaster. Enjoy the owner’s special selection at the terrace on a sunny day.

1. Mamekichi blend, 380 yen; Scone, 190 yen
2. The café with lovely cottage-like exterior is located in a 1km-walk from Tamagawa-Josui Station toward Tachikawa.
3. You can enjoy a cup of special gourmet coffee the owner brews. The home-made scones are also very popular.

● Tamagawajosui blend380yen

● Wind and blend380yen

● Mocha floral, light roast430yen

● Biscotti (2 pieces) 300yen

● Graham Biscuit (5 pieces)150yen

*All the price includes tax.

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