Shop Introduction
立川アワード受賞 Second Place, Restaurant Division, Tachikawa Award 2013

Japanese Cuisine Satoh

Izakaya(Japanese-style pub)

A bar with the taste of Hachijojima Island that nowhere else offers

This bar, established 4 years ago, is run by a chef who was trained in Kaiseki cuisine(traditional Japanese meal brought in corses) and sushi, and his younger brother was trained in Italian cuisine. It is a popular spot and a hidden gem in Tachikawa. It may be hard to imagine what type of food they serve, but their dishes are supposed to be amazing. Let’s find out what it’s like!

Even if you are just passing by, you will notice their stylish appearance. I was imagining a bit of a Western look, but the lantern gives it a nice Japanese flair.

There are a counter and table seats inside. Sake and shochu bottles line the shelf.

The siblings’ mother is from Hachijojima Island, an island off the Tokyo coast, so you can enjoy unique dishes and sake from this island. (From top right) Island sushi, 300 yen; ashitaba tempura, 600 yen; kusaya (fermented fish), 1,000 yen (all tax included).

This is the menu of the day.

These are the owners, the Satoh brothers (Keita on the left and Ryota on the right) and staff, Mu-chan. The three of them run the place.
The bar’s specialty, needless to mention, is the variety of foods and drinks unique to Hachijojima Island. Their menu is full of the island’s special products such as island sushi, ashitaba, and passionfruit. Besides the ingredients from the island, they order their fish from Tsukiji, so you can also enjoy a fresh kaiseki cuisine. “Because the ingredients change by season, we try to make the best use of seasonal specialties every time. We also have a menu of the day, so you can enjoy our dishes whenever you come,” says the elder Sato. Their customers range in age, and a lot of women come here by themselves as well. Also unique to this place is the wide variety of shochu from Hachijojima Island. “Enjoy the taste of the island in them. We have about ten kinds of satoimo (taro) and imo (sweet potato) shochu.”
A bar where you can enjoy fine Washoku (Japanese cuisine) in a stylish space – now I know why it’s so popular.

Shop Information

Shop Name Japanese Cuisine Satoh
Address Nagashima Building 1F, 1-1-24 Nishiki-cho, Tachikawa City
Hours 17:00~24:00
Closed Closed on Sundays (if Monday is a holiday, the bar is open the previous Sunday and closed on the Monday)
Phone Number 042-512-7265

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