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During these recent, sweltering hot summer days, wouldn’t you want to cool down wherever you are and whatever you do?
Cooling down while learning or experiencing something…
We are going to introduce various places in Tachikawa for cooling down!


くるりんが行く! KURURIN, the mascot character of Tachikawa City, has been experiencing “cooling” spots culturally in addition to do a summer vacation homework.


National Institute of Polar Research at the Polar Science Museum

This facility introduces the observation and research activities in the South and North Poles. You can directly touch real ice and meteorite from the South Pole, which can never be experienced in any other place. Just touch and feel the real thing! Don’t you think it would be cool visiting there? An ideal plan for your independent research during summer vacation!

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Tachikawa Metropolitan Disaster Prevention Education Center
Tachikawa Disaster Prevention Museum

This is an experience-based study facility for learning about how we should act in case of disasters. Let’s enjoy this somewhat spine-chilling experience and gain knowledge about disasters at the Disaster Prevention Mini Theater and the earthquake experience room! You will find a lot to play with, including quizzes and other types of games while having fun together with your parents or children!

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Cooling experience #1 at the facility
To Polar Science Museum of the National Institute of Polar Research


KURURIN learns about the extremely cold South Pole region

KURURIN has arrived the National Institute of Polar Research. I wonder what type of experience he will have! Can’t wait! The best part of the place is not only the inside of the building. Okay, KURURIN, strike your best pose beside the Sakhalin dog bronze statue, and say cheese!

Just after entering the building, you will find a map showing the whole image of the South Pole. Well, what kind of research they are doing in the South Pole? KURURIN is so curious about it!

Here, precious stuffed animals that live in the South Pole are also displayed. This is a Weddell seal. When it is fully grown, its body length is about 3 meters and its weight reaches nearly 400 kg. KURURIN is surprised at this powerful impression. Look at the other displayed animals. They are penguins and arctic foxes.

At the meteorite segment, you can touch a real meteorite from the South Pole. I wonder if KURURIN is feeling something from the meteorite that has fallen far from earth. At another segment, you can touch the ice from the South Pole.

They show aurora images taken from the South or North Pole. You can take your time sitting in the chair and enjoy a lifelike view of auroras. Why don’t you try and observe their shape and movement?。

This facility is intended to demonstrate the activities (observation and research) in the South and North Poles through various displays.
The study of earth’s history through observation and research at the polar regions will make it possible to forecast our future.
“The polar regions are like a peephole for observing the Earth.” While thinking about something far away, you should go through various experiences here!

Polar Science Museum of National Institute of Polar Research

Location: 10-3 Midori-cho, Tachikawa City TEL: 042-512-0910 Opening times: 10:00 to 17:00 (Last admission time: 16:30)
Closed: Sundays, Mondays, national holidays, summer holidays, and new year’s holidays Admission: Free
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くるりんが行く!Cooling experience #2 at the facility
To Tachikawa Disaster Prevention Museum of Tachikawa Metropolitan Disaster Prevention Education Center


KURURIN is nervous!
This is the place for raising the awareness of disaster prevention!

KURURIN at Tachikawa Disaster Prevention Museum. I wonder what he would be experiencing here…

This is the earthquake-experiencing room. A simulated earthquake shake is terrifying KURURIN! He’s in danger! Instead of panicking at the sudden quake, let’s learn about how we should prepare for and take action in the moment of disaster.

This is the smoke-generating room. Oh my! KURURIN looks a little bit nervous. This room teaches you how to escape from smoke in a building on fire. We should learn about the characteristics and dangers of smoke and learn how to act calmly.

Fire drill room. Here, you can learn how to use a fire extinguisher properly in case of emergency. KURURIN is going to try the drill using fire videos. This is for fourth graders and above.

Emergency treatment drill room. This is the place for learning about proper emergency treatment. You can learn how to operate an AED and practise chest compression cardiac massage using a dummy patient.

KURURIN has also tried it. This drill is for fifth graders and above.

A small fire engine is displayed where you can feel the firefighter mode. KURURIN looks so happy in front of the fire engine.

This facility is good for children and families to experience disaster prevention drills while having fun. It has five segments for experiencing various disaster prevention activities. It takes about 30 minutes to enjoy such experiences for each segment. Group reservation needed. “At the Door” admission is acceptable for family groups. Only three segments are available for lower grades. Self-help and mutual-help type drills are available. Please give it a try!

Tachikawa Disaster Prevention Museum of Tachikawa Metropolitan Disaster Prevention Education Center

Location: 1156-1 Izumi-cho, Tachikawa City TEL: 042-512-1119 Opening times: 9:00 to 17:00
Closed: Thursdays, the 3rd Friday (if a national holiday falls on these days, the following non-holiday will be closed), and new year’s holidays December 28 to January 4
※ For details on how to use the experience rooms, click on the link below:
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1Tamagawajosui Headrace

A water supply excavated along the Tamagawajosui Headrace.The excavation was completed in 1654 (Imperial era of Jou-ou 3), and since then this water supply has contributed to the prosperity of the Edo era for a long time.This water supply was designated as a national historic site by the Government on August 2003. The green-lined paths beside the water supply are comparably cooler than asphalt pavement. It would be nice enjoying a stroll while bathing in negative ions!

2Kominka(traditional house) Garden in Kawagoe Road green space

Kominka nestle beside the new Heisei road, which runs to the north of the Itsuka-ichi old road. You can visit the restored “Kobayashi family house”, the “Suzaki family Storehouse”, etc., which are important intangible cultural properties designated by the city. The Kobayashi family house is a private thatched house built at the end of the Edo era.There, various old instruments and farm tools are displayed. You can look around freely on the first floor only. Listen to the murmur of the wind while enjoying the view of the garden from the verandah! *Partly under renovation.

3Negawa greenway

Located within easy reach of the Shibasaki-Taiikukan statio of the Tama Monorail. It consists of four zones; “Creatures,” “Play,” “Rest,” and “Walk,” each showcasing a different landscape. Strolling on this trail is a lot of fun because you can see a lot of aquatic life and water birds there. The “Play” zone has a pond and aqueduct, so children will like this area. This trail is one of our recommendations for those who want to chill out for a whole summer’s day.

4Yagawa green space

Located on the southern edge of Hagoromo-cho of Tachikawa city. This green space is centered around the Yagawa river, which is about 1.3 km long, and originates from water gushing out from the well below the Tachikawa terrace cliff. The water plant called “Nagae-mikuri” (Sparganium japonicum Rothert), which can grow only clear water, grows thickly here, with tiny flowers that bloom in the early summer. Also thriving here are aquatic creatures such as red swamp crayfish and baetidae.


Especially in a terribly hot mid-afternoon, come relax at CINEMA TWO with a cup of beer

On a hot summer day, it would also be interesting to enjoy the cool while watching your favorite movie! If the timing is right, you may be able to watch a spine-chilling horror movie. The theater has a large assortment of foods and cold drinks. This would double the cool feeling!

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Mugiko Bakery

A bakery loved by local citizens, from small children to the elderly. Delicious vanilla ice cream from Takanashi Milk Products with strawberry syrup is put between buns which are baked from plain bread dough. Want to stop by for a cool refreshment?

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Tasting chilly, cold desserts that leave a smooth feeling in your throat

At various shops in Tachikawa, you’ll find their original cool desserts and drinks for summer. Why not find your favorite ones and take breather there?

Shabu Shabu Kan Tachikawa

You can try the highest grade of Matsusaka beef and other branded beef judged and selected by the head chef, cut for steak or Shabu-shabu(Thinly-sliced beef). The most popular menu is beef tongue Shabu-shabu. For dessert, how about ice cream with soy flour and dark molasses, which is one of their standard homemade desserts?

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Tachikawa Iseya

A long-established Japanese-style confectionery shop opened in 1956. Its cool “Mizu-youkan” (red bean jelly wrapped in a preserved cherry leaf), which cools down your throat, is best suited for summer!
This is a refined Japanese confectionery made of simple ingredients: sugar, redbeans, and agar. Why don’t you try it? Iced green tea should be a good match.
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Emilie Floge

This long-running cake shop, established in 1980, is one of our recommendations in Tachikawa! More than 30 eye-catching cakes are lined up in the display case. Cool sweets are good for summer. Our recommendation is their fruit jelly containing fruit pulp that goes well the jelly!
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Sumibibaisen Coffee Sakurano,Tachikawa shop

A counter-bar style café, located along the promenade of “Sansan Road”, over which the monorail travels.Their service is meticulous. Their iced coffee with coffee cubes is put in a black Japanese-style wooden measuring cup, or “Masu”, filled with crushed ice. What we recommend is to have this coffee together with the cool “Mizu-youkan” (red bean jelly wrapped in a preserved cherry leaf) or sesame pudding!
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Beer would be the best for summer!
You feel like having a gulp of beer, don’t you?

We would like to introduce this place for those who can’t wait until night comes. This place is a perfect choice for those who want to have a quick drink with a snack before the sun sets. In the lingering summer heat, it would be fine enjoying beer on the open deck!

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