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Would you like a freshly made seafood and vegetable Tempra in season?

Many various fresh oysters from different regions of northern areas of Japan, such as Hokkaido and Sanriku, are gathered to Toyosu Market, a new fish market in Tokyo. Among them, oysters for Tempra should be large, plump, and succulent. Eating the freshly cooked oysters straight from a fryer, you will find it much creamy and crispy. Oysters in winter taste heavenly. It is very satisfying to have such scrumptious taste of oysters in cold winter.

Oyster Tempura, market price

Tempura Wakayama


The Tempura restaurant, preparing a variety of fresh vegetables and seafood in season, will deep-fry them with light and crispy texture. The chef will serve us the freshly made tempura from the pan. You can enjoy these delectable dishes at the restaurant creating a warm and cozy atmosphere to make us feel calm with background music of jazz. The course menu featuring the chef’s skill is highly recommended.

Oysters? Choose Chablis! The best wine to pair with oysters is Chablis 1er Cru Les Montmaines. Please enjoy the richly flavored white wine.
A glass of wine is 1,300 yen, A bottle of wine is 7,000 yen (tax included)

The chefSyozo Wakayama

No one can resist hot and melted cheese atop a perfect pizza.

You would like to eat the pizza with several kinds of mushrooms such as elingi and maitake, and chopped garlic on scrumptious pizza source made with black truffle and tomato. The just-baked pizza with lots of melting buffalo mozzarella looks so appetizing and delicious. Enjoy the crisp, chewy and glutinous pizza dough at the pizzeria. You will be tempted to eat the savory pizza more.

Fabio 2,200 yen (Tax excluded)



The freshly made pizza straight from the oven is awesome. The oven has been ordered from Naples. You can enjoy a type of pizza that originated in Naples here in Japan. Every pizza with a variety of selected ingredients is healthy and satisfies your appetite and your palate.

Palari Faro, red wine from Sicily, has fresh fruits flavor. You will be pleased with the lovely aroma.
A bottle of wine 13,150 yen (tax excluded)

The chef and ownerYuichiro Suzuki

Hearty winter dish gently simmered

Being gently simmered for four hours with acidic brisk red wine, the Japanese beef cheek meat will be surprisingly tender. Add rich potato puree with lots of butter to the tender and melting meat. You will thoroughly relish the rich and savory hot pot dish.

A dish of cheek meat in red wine
2,900 yen (tax excluded)

Charcoal Grills and Wine, V.V. Tachikawa


You will be fully satisfied with delicious meals and luscious wine in a dining restaurant with relaxed atmosphere. The chef will provide the authentic French dishes grilled by a charcoal fire to make the ingredients the most delicious. Madam Mii, a savvy sommelier, will help you choose the best wine to suit your dinner.

Would you like Barolo Riserva? The Italy’s most famous wine goes well with a luxurious dinner.
A bottle of wine 8,500 yen (tax excluded)

The sommelierMii Hazama

Tempra, pizza, simmered dishes…and what’s more?

Appreciate a full-course dinner makes you healthy and happy

Teppanyaki Grill Senjyu


The restaurant offers a healthy and delicious full-course meal prepared by vegetables and meat that are safer for us. The chef chooses non-chemical vegetables from Toyosu Market, beef that are given no pesticides and chemical fertilizer, and home-made fermented foods and condiments. Enjoy the taste of lean meat that will melt in your mouth.

A full-course meal Irodori is 6,500 yen (tax excluded)

Superb flavor French cuisine

Chez Tasseke


Savor the taste of game dishes for winter in Chez Tasseke. The chef purchases a half Hokkaido Sika Deer from a reliable hunter and cooks a variety of dishes that are suitable to the part of the meat. Relish the taste of the game meat with a lot of gravy.

Hokkaido Sika Deer Round Roast, from 3,850 yen (tax included) (course dinner only)

Meet a new taste

Shabu shabu Kan Tachikawa


Shabu-shabu is a type of Japanese hot pot. Beef tongue shabu-shabu is very popular menu in the restaurant. Add six kinds of the original salts to the meat lightly swished in broth. You may feel it new and fresh with the texture and the taste. Relish the steaming original hot pot dish with Japanese sake. You can enjoy the shabu-shabu in the full-course meal of Nikuzanmai and other full- course meal in season.

Beef tongue shabu-shabu with six kinds of salts
1,500 yen per person (tax excluded)

Rich and exquisite Foie Gras a La Italiana

Tre Monte


Foie Gras, one of the three major delicacies in the world, is good for asthenopia, the improvement of the immune system and the revitalization of the body. In the restaurant the chef grills well both side of the Foie Gras and serves it with seasonal fruits and meringue. The luxurious and the lavish meal will bring you happiness.

Fresh Foes Gras, fig, meringue
Full-course meal 8,400 yen (tax excluded)

Crispy skin, juicy fresh body

Yakitoridokoro Daibu


The Yakirtori served by Yakitoridokoro Daibu is the crispy skin and the juicy fresh body to be carefully grilled on a charcoal grill with Binchotan charcoal. You’ll be a big fun of the yakitori with yakitori sauce (tare) that inherited from generation to generation. Enjoy the yakitori with sake from all over Japan. Cheers to your happiest moment!

A plate of Yakitori, from 1,200 yen (tax included)
From the right side of the picture; Chuck flap, Liver with green onion, Rolled with Japanese basil

Fatty season’s special

Sushi Katsu


A fatty red bream fish from different areas of Japan such as Kochi, Chiba and Izu, is simmered with sugar (sweet sake) and soy sauce only. Add Tofu to be simmered with the fish. You will be impressed with the taste of Tofu that has been cooked in the broth. We will recommend the dish to be shared among a group with hot sake in cold winter.

Simmered red bream fish; 2,900 yen (tax excluded)

Sushi Katsu

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