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Make your dates extraordinaryDating with nostalgia in Tachikawa-Takamatsu area

For couples looking for a change, we recommend unique and fun date spots with a sense of nostalgia.

Enjoy watching exciting bicycle races in Tachikawa Velodrome!

Tachikawa VelodromeTachikawa Velodrome, famous for the birthplace of KEIRIN Grand Prix, is a landmark in Takamatsu area, a district with Showa nostalgia. Since 1951 of its opening, the hall of professional bicycle race has been attracting many enthusiasts. The renovation in 2016 transformed the battle field into a fascinating date spot for sweet couples. We suggest that you should take the panoramic special seats, where you can enjoy the races with great excitement.
Enrich your date watching bicycle races on the grass.You can freely watch the races sitting on the lawn area called Shibafu-no-Oka. How splendid you can enjoy the spectacles with fun of outdoor dates! Such experience is the best for sweet couples who want to spend a cozy and relaxed time.*The fee is charged when KEIRIN Grand Prix and Tachikawa Kinen are held. (Confirmation is needed.)

Go to the official site of Tachikawa Velodrome

A public bath must be a symbol of the nostalgic Showa period.Refresh yourself in Ume no Yu,which is a Japanese-style traditional public bath.
You can enjoy yourself with a variety of attractions in the place.

Ume no YuThere are different types of baths including a jet bath and a bathtub made of rocks with a spacious atmosphere. The male room and the female room are separated in the first floor and the second floor. You may sweat yourself in a sauna to detox your body in a hot stone bath where both male and female can enjoy together. Kururin recommends a monthly “Duck Bath Day”.

Enjoying after taking a bathMore than 10,000 comic books are found in the public space. You can spend your time to relax and wait for your partner in reading these comics. After taking a bath, you should cheer up with a bottle of traditional and nostalgic milk coffee.
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Let’s go on a date at Izakaya (Japanese style tavern)

KikumatsuyaCozy atmosphere and friendly owner. Delicious oden and horse-meat sashimi!Kikumatsu-yaMore details
Yakitori no TamayaEnjoy authentic yakitori in a special place with modern Japanese-style and traditional atmosphere.Yakitori no TamayaMore details

Which restaurant would you recommend, Kururin?

Introducing your partner to your parentsGreeting each other at a fabulous restaurant

Selecting a good restaurant should be decisive
for the first meeting of the two families.

Meeting at Shabu-Shabu Kan Tachkawa

Shabu-Shabu Kan Tachkawa(Thinly-sliced beef restaurant)You must be very nervous on the occasion when both of your families gather for the first time to introduce to one another. To make this crucial meeting a very success, you need to choose a relaxed and quiet venue to have dinner for this special day. Shabu-Shabu Kan Tachikawa will prepare a spacious private room for you and your families, where all of you can spend comfortable and casual time with a splendid dinner of carefully selected seasonal dishes and highquality beef steak. The meeting will surely become a golden opportunity for the two families to have a close relationship.
We recommend a full-course dinner including selected dishes and shabu shabu.Japanese A5 Wagyu (the exquisitely marbled Japanese beef) and high-quality pork meat are outstandingly delicious, while fresh vegetables and small side dishes are superb. The restaurant also provides exclusive and rare beef tongue as well as salty butter taste ramen noodles.

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Get Married Now!Something special about getting married in Tachikawa

From making an original marriage notification to having the party after a wedding ceremony—you can have a once-in-a-lifetime event with plenty of unforgettable memories in Tachikawa!

Tachikawa’s original marriage notification is well known all over Japan. We wish your great future.

Premium marriage notification issued by Tachikawa cityTachikawa city’s commemorative “premium marriage notification” can copy your signatures of the original notification onto the mount paper to your memorable day forever fresh. You can put photos on its first page just like an album. The paper’s pretty and colorful design is also a charm for the couple.

Seal Tachikawa city’s original stamp and take a picture at a special place in the city hall.

Go to Tachikawa City Hall.

The colorful notification will certainly cheer you up.

The whole town of Tachikawa celebrates your marriage!The couples who submit a premium marriage notification and take a picture in the corner will be given marvelous privileges. Please click below to find the details of privileges and the stores where you can receive them.

Premium marriage notification issued by Tachikawa city

Happy anniversary photos. Take pictures in a photo studio with nostalgic atmosphere

Arai Photo StudioTake commemorative photos at Arai Photo Studio, a long-established photo studio founded on 1926. You can take memorable photos in the studio with antique furniture and classic atmosphere.

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A wedding party and an after-party at Mothers Tachikawa Minamiguchi.

Mothers Tachikawa MinamiguchiHave a party at Mothers Tachikawa Minamiguchi. The roadside restaurant with an expansive entrance has the walls all equipped with mirror as well as a comfortable and relaxing space, which should enliven your spirit on the special occasion. The party can be arranged according to your request.

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